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Back in Time Comics and Toys

Sean and Lisa had their first date buying Star Wars toys at a farm auction and have been married for 23 years. They are both retired teachers and have been in the toy/comic business for over 20 years. During the Coronavirus pandemic, they opened a brick and mortar comic and toy store in Liberty, Missouri to kick start their retirement plan.

Sean and Lisa love meeting new customers and helping them find the perfect gift or a cherished toy/comic from their childhood. They have been in the toy business for several years. Sean collects Marvel comics, Stormtroopers and everything Mego. Lisa collects Stompers, Gamorrean Guards, and vintage character folding dinner trays from the 80's. Their mission is to make every customer smile that walks into their retail store or visits their website. If you have toys and comics for sale, they would love to buy your stuff.